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Julie B&W - Square

With over 10 years of experience, Julie developed expertise in Paid Media and data analysis. Throughout the years, she helped local businesses as well as international level businesses operating in multiple industries such as service, finance, automotive, retail, hospitality, etc.

Her mission? Offering personalized services that caters to your business's unique needs.

Innovation and efficiency are at the heart of her work methods.

"With her help, we were grew our skills and built best-in-class enterprise programs. She's already an excellent search & facebook strategist, and in addition to these skills, she brought coding, scripts and automation to our campaigns and reporting. She is familiar with Tableau, Google Ads (formerly AdWords) Scripts and Google Sheets. More than just creating campaigns and reporting on them, Julie is adept at using machine learning and automation tools to their fullest, to bring high impact and efficiency to performance media programs." - Julia Vyse

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